Template Agreements

The following sample documents are indicative of standard contract forms to support commercial collaborations. They provide a starting point for discussion and may be tailored to suit the needs of our partners, the technology and its potential applications.

Mutual Confidentiality Deed

This agreement facilitates mutual sharing of confidential information between the parties, usually for the purpose of discussing a potential research program or business relationship.  The confidential information of both parties (e.g. intellectual property, research reports, business and market information) is equally protected against unauthorised disclosure.  

Commercial Research Agreement

This document sets out arrangements for the conduct of a research project by the University in collaboration with industry partners, where outcomes may have commercial application.  It outlines the funding, personnel, intellectual property, facilities and other in-kind resources to be contributed by each party towards the project. The collaborating partner has commercialisation rights to the outcomes of the project, and to background University intellectual property as required to commercialise Project outcomes.  

Foot orthoses prescription recommendations for symptomatic flexible pes planus in adults (FootPROP)

Foot orthoses prescription recommendations for symptomatic flexible pes planus in adults (FootPROP)

The FootPROP proforma is designed to guide clinicians and researchers in the prescription of customised foot orthoses for symptomatic flexible pes planus.

Licence Agreement

Licences are provided to industry partners to facilitate successful exploitation of University Intellectual Property, in return for sharing of commercial returns.  The Licence Agreement contains standard licence terms, and specific details relating to the subject technology and its potential applications, the industry field, and the needs and capability of the industry partner.  The licence may be exclusive or nonexclusive, and may be linked with ongoing R&D programs, clinical trials, product registration and other arrangements to maximise the commercial opportunities and benefits to both parties.

Patent Assignment Deed

This document transfers ownership of University inventions, patents applications and patents.